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If you are a freelancer looking for an opportunity to add value to a project or team, then Freelance Magnet is the perfect platform for you.

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Once you have made that best freelancer – hirer match, the collaboration begins to ensure that a masterpiece is delivered.

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Once a bid is accepted by a hirer, the hirer can contact the Freelancer directly through the platform to confirm any additional information.

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The hirer can then set project milestones, which will be sent through the Freelance Magnet platform to the freelancer for approval. Once approved, the work can commence and agreed upfront payments can be made by the hirer.

It is the freelancers responsibility to ensure that amounts are paid by the hirer as and when required as per the agreed upon milestones.

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Collaboration can then begin and the freelancer can commence work on delivering their masterpiece or providing their agreed upon service.

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At each milestone and at the completion of the project, the freelancer communicate with the hirer and provide deliverables or evidence of deliverables.

Once the hirer is satisfied, the hirer is required to make the final payment and close out the project on Freelance Magnet.

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Once the project has been completed, the hirer will have the opportunity to leave a freelancer review, which will be visible to all prospective hirers.