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How can we help you?

Freelance Magnet is to support both Freelancers and Hirer, through our online facilitation service. Should you have any queries, please feel free to submit a query. In the meantime, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) below:

How do I register as a Freelancer

Visit and click the sign up link. Answer a few short questions and get your profile loaded.

How do I register as an Hirer?

Visit and click the sign up link. Read through the terms and conditions and if you are in agreement, click on the accept terms and conditions and enter all your profile details. Once signed up, don’t forget to verify your e-mail address.

What is a Hirer?

A Hirer is a person or company looking for assistance or resources to assist with any project, opportunity or business.

Hirers have the opportunity to post any available roles or projects on the Freelance Magnet platform to invite interested Freelancers to bid.

As a Hirer, can I search for Freelancers?

Yes, Hirers who have one of our paid membership packages will have access to the advance search capabilities, which will allow them to search for specific skills or Freelancers.

How do i get verified as a Freelancer?

As you are completing your profile, you will be requested to upload supporting documents including certified copies of your Identity Document and qualifications.

This will allow our verification team to ensure that your profile matches your skills and qualifications and verify your credentials.

Finally, you will be sent a verification code via e-mail, which will need to be entered under the verification section in your profile to confirm your e-mail address.

What is the difference between Hourly vs Fixed price projects?

When an hirer creates a post, they can select two methods of payment settlement:

Hourly: This would require the Freelancer to keep track of time spent to complete a project. This time needs to be approved by the Hirer, where after, an invoice will be raised based on the time worked.

Fixed Price: This would be a fixed project cost agreed between the Freelancer and the Hirer before a job or project is commenced. These payments can be made in progress payment based on milestones reached.

What does the status “Hired”, “Cancelled” & “Completed” mean?

Hired: When a hirer has purchased or ordered the service & skills of a freelancer for a project. The hirer and freelancer can communicate via chat to share project files, project briefs and more after the “Hired” status has been selected by the hirer.

Cancelled: When a hirer for any reason decides to cancel the request or order of a freelancers service and skills. The hirer is required to provide a reason for cancellation.

Completed: When a project is complete, the hirer can mark the project as completed. This means that the hirer will now have to make payment and the freelancer will be paid for the completed work.

What are milestones?

Milestones are measures of the progress to be made on a project and they can be set before a project or job commences.

For example, a project may be to build a website at a fixed fee. It may be set that the Hirer will be invoiced and would be required to make payments at various stages of completion.

As a Freelancer, How do i receive due payouts/ earnings?

When a project, service or milestone is completed, a payment will be due. You can see what payments are due to you and your past earnings on your login dashboard.

Freelance Magnet will release the payment within 24-72 hours after marked as completed.

No payouts will be released if you have not completed the ‘Payout Setting’ on your dashboard menu. Any incomplete or incorrect banking details cannot receive a payout.

‘Pending balance’ vs ‘Amount to be paid out’

Pending balance: This is the money that has not been paid to you yet, as a Freelancer, yet, due to the project still ongoing or not yet marked completed by the Hirer.

Amount to be paid out: This is what Freelance Magnet has to release to you for a completed project – this can take between 24-72 hours to be released.


Please note Freelance Magnet will not allow a payment amount below R5.00

What payment platform is used and how much does it cost?

Payfast is used to facilitate payments from Hirer to Freelancer, with Freelance Magnet acting as the intermediary to collect the payments and facilitate the payout.

A banking fee will be charged on each transaction for amounts received from Hirers as well as on amounts paid out to Freelancers.

Please note Freelance Magnet will not allow a payment amount below R5.00

How much does it cost to use the platform as an Hirer?

There are various Hirer packages available. There is no charge to register a profile, but once you have signed up, visit the packages section of your dashboard to see the various package options.

Who is responsible to ensure that my project is completed as an hirer?

Freelance Magnet is a search engine for Freelancers and as a result, will make information available to the employer through Freelancer profiles in order to allow the Hirer to make an informed decision regarding the Freelancer and whether or not to utilise their services.

The onus remains, on the Hirer to ensure that the Freelancer receives the necessary direction and guidance to deliver on the Hirers expectations and remains responsible to ensure that the Freelancer delivers.

As a Hirer, can I invite Freelancers to send a proposal for my project?

Yes, Hirers with membership packages have the ability to invite Freelancers to send proposals for projects they have posted.

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